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Creating Your Own - Support & Frequently Asked Questions

What images will I be able to upload?

You may upload and use any artworks that you have legal rights to; created by you or with permission from the artworks’ creator. Please DO NOT use any trademarked logos or images that you have no legal rights to. Including but not limited to, sports teams and franchises, universities and colleges, company logos or various organizations and their likeness. We will review each submission before they are sent to production, any submission violating any of these rules will be denied.

Is there a certain size or type of image I should upload?

Our upload process accepts numerous forms of files, (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .psd, .ai, .eps). We suggest using largest file available to you, to ensure a higher resolution. Images that do not meet the size requirement constraints set by our program will prompt an error message.

Why does my image look distorted/blurry?

In order to ensure the image will be produced with high quality, non-pixelated images, please limit stretching the image if it is possible. When an image is stretched and manipulated, the quality of the image will be lost, becoming blurry and jagged. In the event that your image becomes too distorted to send to production.

Aside from choosing my artwork, is there anything else I can do?

You are given complete control over how you want your skin to look. Rotate the picture, shrink it, whatever you’d like, it’s your skin! Our design process does have some limitations as to what it will allow. Please note that this does not include any personal design work on our part.

What kind of finish will my skin come with?

Besides picking the artwork on your skin, you are able to choose what finish goes on your skin! You can choose from matte or semi-gloss, if not specified we will send your skin set with default Matte finish.

Why is the graphic shown on my LCD screen?

The image that appears, is the imagine that will be provided to you as a matching wallpaper. This is to illustrate what your device will look like if you choose to use the wallpaper. This only applies to applicable devices.

Will matching wallpaper be included?

Yes! We will send your matching wallpaper, Our FREE electronic wallpaper file are generated and created to align with each decal's skin design and specification. We can't however guarantee that they will match up given different operation system device settings. It is the buyer's RESPONSIBILITY to know how to upload the wallpaper file to the device.

Where will the customized name be printed

If you elect to include a custom name, after you've selected the font style you would like, we will choose the location and the color that would best compliment the design of the skin. For laptops, the name will be printed on the front/outside of the skin and for ALL other devices the name will be printed on the back side of the skin.

Can I return my skin if don't like it?

Since we relinquish all control design wise to you, we do not offer refunds on any customized skins.

What if my device is not supported?

We are always working to add more models, but if you don't see your device listed, please send us a request via e-mail to expedite the process.