Tempered Glass Installation Guide

Tips to get best result:

  • It is highly recommended that you apply your skin in a dust and debris free area.
  • Apply skins in a brightly lit & clean area.
  • View the instructional video in its entirety below applying the skins & follow the video's instructions.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water to remove any natural oils and grease from your hands. Dry your hands thoroughly.
  • The surface of your device will need to be clean of any natural oils and grease that may have collected on the surface of your device BEFORE applying the skins. We recommend using a sterile alcohol prep pad but, a lint free cloth wet with warm water will also work.
  • Be patient while applying the skins, making sure each piece is aligned before adhering it to the surface.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Before placing the Tempered Glass on your device, make sure the glass is perfectly aligned. Once the glass screen protector has been applied, you will not be able to re-apply it.

    Tools needed:

  • Alcohol Prep Pad or Lint free cloth