Product Overview

Our products will give you the ability to customize your device without voiding the warranty. You're able to safely apply the items and remove them in minutes with no residue left behind.

Each skin set is cut to fit your device without compromising the functionality while protecting it from minor damages. The skins are made purely for aesthetic purposes and will not protect your device from damages sustained from falls, spills, punctures, etc. We are not liable for any damages that may result from perils mentioned above.

The color and quality of the image may vary based on your monitor settings. Some images will not be as sharp as shown on the images, as these are digital renderings using compressed images. The skins will leave a small margin uncovered for tolerance purposes and to prevent premature damages to the skins.

We produce two types of skins: A. Design skins | B. Textured Skins

A. Designed skins:

- Our skins are printed on high quality vinyl. The vinyl is specially made for automobiles making the skin easy to apply without air bubbles & leaves NO residue if you decide to remove it.
- Next, we apply a laminate film on top to protect the images. The laminate will prevent the image from fading, scratching or rubbing off as long as the laminate is in tact!
- You will receive a complete set of skins with application tape, READY to be applied to your device right out of the box. We use a one of a kind, application tape method which helps you align your skin easier. With our application tape, your hand will never touch the adhesive. Any skin contact with the adhesive backing will NOT adhere strongly to your device, learn more on our installation guide video!

B. Texture Skins (Carbon Fiber, Brushed Aluminum & Animal Pattern):

- The skins are 2 dimensional products that wil look identical to the material which they are made to mimic.

Please contact us if you have any questions: contact us