Q. What should I do if my skin doesn't fit?

If the skins have already been applied to your laptop, please send us a photo of the skins on your laptop so that we are able to see the problem. Do not make any adjustments to the skins. Any adjustments made to the skins will void any compliance to your request.

Q. Can skins be re-used?

No, these skins are designed to be used one time only.

Q. Are there any tools needed to apply the skins?

No tools are required in order to apply the skin to your device.

Q. Why do some models have cutouts at the corners?

The cutouts are designed to release any wrinkles on models where corners are deep.

Q. What happens if my item arrives with surface wrinkles?

The skins are extremely resilient and the wrinkles will release in most cases once applied to the device.

Q. Can I make updates to my order after it has been processed?

Unfortunately, we are not able to amend orders after they have been submitted due the speed at which the skins are sent through our production line.

Q. What if I am missing pieces?

If your package does not contain all of the pieces mentioned in our description, please do not apply the skins and contact us immediately for assistance.

Q. How long does it take to apply the skins to my device?

With our detailed installation guide, it can take you anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes.

Q. Do the vinyl skins leave any residue when removed?

The skins should leave NO residue if you decide to change to another style. In the event small traces are still visible after removal, place the skins back over the residue and slowly peel it up.

Q. How to fix if the skin corners or edges is wrinkle or not stick to device after applies ?

If your skin does not adhere or wrinkle on the corners or edges please CLICK HERE

Q. Does applying a skin void my device's warranty?

Our skins enable you to safely customize the look of your device without voiding your warranty.