Product Customization

Name Personalization:


On any purchased skin you can customize it by adding your name or a loved one's directly onto the skin set (20 characters max.) for an extra amount of $6.00 (one purchase for one skin set), see example below for ref.




1. Customized names will be printed on the front of the skin for all laptop models; All other devices will be printed with the name on the back skin.

2. We will choose the font color & size best suited for the design.

3. All skins with a custom name added are FINAL sale, no refunds or exchanges.


Custom Skins:


Using our "Create Your Own" module allows you 100% control over the creation of your skins. Upload your own pictures or use one of the images we have pre-loaded in order to mix and match the skins to your preferences!



1. The final skin may vary slightly from the final image. This allows for some tolerance to be added into the production of the skin, to ensure no white borders are visible. We will do our absolute best to get it as close as possible.

2. We use a CMYK color scheme to print our products and this may distort the colors. Most images use the RGB color scheme and may not appear as shown on your monitor once printed. Grey tones specifically do not translate well on our machines.

3. Custom items cannot be cancelled upon payment.

4. All personalized skins are FINAL sale, no refunds or exchanges.


Please contact us if you have any questions: contact us